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  • Testerle (talk) 09:24, 2 October 2018 (UTC) @SirBowen you changed the icon to the none epic version and introduced new pages with "Epic" names. the epic versions of the cimmerian armor did not exists ingame and the icon change is also not correct. the items have ingame a epic frame around the icon even if they're not really epic. I added "Epic" to an item if an item with the exact same name and a different quality exists. If a item looks epic but the name is unique we only use the unique name without the "Epic" addition. main reason: the name the player sees ingame also did not have the "Epic" addition at the name. it's only for the wiki to have different pages for items with the same name.
    • SirBowen (talk) 15:26, 2 October 2018 (UTC) @ Testerle Yeah i see, you are right, iam so sorry for that. After 16 Hours in a row fixing Armorers and Armors, some little concentration weakness sneaks up on me :) . Iam into all these Armors and Armorers at the moment, spawning them in single play, checking all the reciepes ... there are so much outdated or just wrong entries (like no DLC recipes at the Armorers or the flawless hardened Steel shield can make by every armorer (only Njoror can do this) etc. etc. And it feels like iam not finished there and it will take a while to fix all that stuff. I will double, triple check all my entries at the end anyways, next step is spawning all Armors and check them. Than the next Thrall Category, step by step ...