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I spent a few hours this morning verifying and adding Thick Leather to every T4 (Purge) armorer page due to a find by Trappist99 (Discord), and I certainly hope there were no misteaks. About halfway through I stopped verifying ingame since the pattern was evident. In addition, with the ability to see two pages' differentials, anomalies are showing up in the recipe tables that I can't find ingame. There seem to be adds also, that slipped in with some patch. Some are (not) referenced in the notes section. This was not something I wanted or planned to do, but felt accuracy was more important than farming Berserkers.

Programatically1 generate a list of recipes specific to T4 and T4 (Purge) thralls and include it on this page. Eliminate the thrall's recipe tabbers, then reference (in the infobox), back to this list as an external link. Also, specify on the thrall's page any unique differences in the notes section. To avoid confusing the casual user, we would need to differentiate (again, in the infobox) between recipes specific to this thrall and recipes specific to the class: T4 or T4 (Purge). It would reduce memory usage due to the existing repetition and avoid getting 'caught' like this.

That would certainly make it easier to accommodate changes and correct errors. It would also make the individual thrall's page 'cleaner' and easier to use, showing the casual user the things he wants to know first: what, where and appearance.

There are other (but certainly not all) professions that would also benefit from this change.

1 So far, I have been unable to associate spawndatatable entries with recipestable in the devkit, unable to find the specific table(s) that provide the necessary referencing (any tips would be appreciated).
Jimathome (talk) 04:55, 11 November 2019 (UTC)

Testerle (talk) 08:15, 11 November 2019 (UTC) a short example how to get the bonus recipes of a specific thrall:
Aldrik of the North Sea
Name = Aldrik of the North Sea
ProfessionTemplate = Armorer_4_Purge

ID = Armorer_4_Purge
BonusRecipes = 51630, 52080, 11110, 52056, 52057, 52058, ...

ID = 51630
RecipeName = Flawless Hardened Steel Shield