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Sword of the Brood-Guard
Sword of the Brood-Guard
A sword forged from mysterious star metal
Type Weapon
Grade High
Weapon Type OneHanded Sword
Base Damage Information.png 51
Base Armor Penetration Information.png 8.55%
Base Durability Information.png 1350
Base Weight Information.png 2.45
Effects Cripple
ID 51088


This day you become knights!' he laughed fiercely, pointing with his dripping sword towards the hillmen horses, herded nearby. 'Mount and follow me to hell!
~ Black Colossus

This impossibly sharp sword is made of legendary star metal, the work of a master craftsman. This particular sword was wrested from one of the Broodguards at the heart of the Volcano and has been sharpened until it could cut the very air itself.