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Supporting the terrifying might of the Stygian army is the detachment of healers. Less comforting and skilled than the healers the Stygian nobles enjoy, these wartime meat hackers and bone saws needs be fast, pragmatic, and willing to make hard decisions. As the war effort continues and supplies dwindle, being sent to a healer becomes a prolonged death sentence, if any beds are even available.

This workbench can store a large quantity of potions and medical supplies.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Artisan Table, Aquilonian Artisan Table, Argossean Artisan Table, Khitan Artisan Table, Turanian Artisan Table, Nemedian Artisan Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
80 Icon wood-1 Wood 1 Icon A02C3 stygianwartriage portableworkbench shop Stygian War Doctor Workbench 10 s 3200


Repairing Stygian War Doctor Workbench requires up to:


The Stygian War Doctor Workbench can be dismantled using the Icon Crafting Dismantler Dismantling Bench to recover the following materials:

For slightly more materials, you can use the Icon crafting dismantler t2 Improved Dismantling Bench:


Stygian War Triage Set

Bazaar Set "Stygian War Triage Set"