Strab the Herald
Icon thrall priest.png
Strab the Herald
Strab the Herald converted
ID: StrabtheHerald
Type Priest
Use at Shrine of Set
Altar of Set
Sanctum of Set
Specialization Confessor
Priest's Religion Set
Initial Stats
Race Nordheimer
Factions Black Hand
Location Purge Type: A gang of roaming bandits
Purge Type: A crew of Black Hand Pirates


Strab the Herald is a named, Tier 4 Purge Set Priest NPC of the Black Hand Faction.


Strab the Herald can be found at the following locations:


Strab the Herald is particularly useful for crafting the Icon acolyte of set.png True Name of Set and performing the Icon religion token.png Ritual: Set's Protection in a Tier 3 Altar.


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