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Spider Egg-sac
Spider Egg-sac
A sticky egg-sac
Type Pet
Expiration 23:59:16
Expires to Spiderling (Pet)
Base Weight Information.png 2.00
ID 19021


Spiders are not usually considered safe or tame pets, but the unusually large spiders of the Exiled Lands might be trained to follow a warrior into battle or guard a particular location. Provided they don't eat or poison the one that rears them.


  • The Icon baby spider egg.png Spider Egg-sac can be purchased at Flotsam (Exiled Lands) or Camp of the Castaways (Isle of Siptah) from Icon thrall merchant.png Owen the Beautiful for 10 Icon gold coin.png Gold Coins.
  • Please note, that you need to wait for the egg to expire before it can be grown.
  • Keep it in your inventory for 24 hour expire time, or put it in a Compost heap for a 1 hour and 10 minute timer.