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Specialist Cooking II is one of the Feats in Conan Exiles.


These highlands chill me to the bones. I would much prefer the warm comforts of the Luxur brothels back home in Stygia.

As if the climate was not enough, the uncultured brutes here have no appreciation of cuisine and I have been thrown out of the nearby village when suggesting that a diet consisting mostly of raw mammoth flesh and beer would not be healthy in the long run.

A curse upon them. May their ears turn into arseholes and shit all over their shoulders. At least they allowed me to pack up my belonging, including my book of recipes.


  • Can be learned by interacting with a book on top of a tower just south of Skyholme Ruins.
  • The book is on the first tower from the end of the line of ruins.

Hint: You may have to remove all your armor to be able to climb the rocks and tower to get to the book. Or you can equip Climbing Gloves and/or Climbing Boots.