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Apparently this game has crocodiles, not alligators. Also removed manual loot list since it was already included in the sidebar.
Elephants live in the area[[Savanna]] biome between [[Swagger Rock]] and [[Boundary Spillway]]. They are usually found in herds of 2 or 3. Beware of [[Thunderfoot]].
Harvesting them yields [[Exotic Flesh]], [[Elephant Hide]], [[Tusks]], and [[Ivory]].
== Combat ==
* Elephants are a tier above enemies such as alligators and rocknosecrocodiles. They have much more health, cause more damage, and all attacks knock you down.
* They have three attacks:
** a charge. It has a noticeable windup and covers a good amount of distance. Best avoided by backing up and moving sideways.
** a swipe. This is their main attack. Best avoided by moving back.
** a stomp. This is an AOE, also with a noticeable windup. Easily avoided in any direction, but note that AOEs willare almost certain to hit any thralls/pets.
* While any weapon will work, spears are a great choice since their range makes the swipe attack easiereasy to dodge.

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