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Ultic the Woodsman

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{{Thrall infobox
| name = Ultic the Woodsman
can craft branch
| type = T4 Carpenter
| image = icon_thrall_carpenter.png
| image2 = icon_thrall_carpenter_converted.png
| station1 = Carpenter's Bench
| speed = 2.5
| mats = 0.5
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a named, Tier 4 [[purge]] [[Carpenter (thrall)|Carpenter]] NPC of the [[Dogs of the Desert]] faction.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' can be found at the following locations:
* [[The Purge]] event - He has a random chance of spawning during The Purge in Dogs of the Desert territory.
* As a Tier 4 [[purge]] [[Carpenter (thrall)|Carpenter]], '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is particularly useful for crafting [[Branch]], [[Flawless Hardened Steel Bow]], [[Flawless Hunting Bow]], [[Flawless Hyrkanian Bow]], [[Flawless Light Hyrkanian Bow]] and [[Flawless Star Metal Bow]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' can craft the following bonus recipes at the following stations:
Carpenter's Bench=
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"
| {{Recipes|icon_khitai_bow.png|Flawless Khitan Bow}}
| {{Recipes|epic_icon_khitai_bow.png|Flawless Khitan Bow (Epic)}}
| {{Recipes|icon_aquilonian_bow.png|Flawless Bossonian Bow}}
| {{Recipes|epic_icon_aquilonian_bow.png|Flawless Bossonian Bow (Epic)}}
| {{Recipes|icon_pictish_bow.png|Flawless Pictish Bow}}
| {{Recipes|epic_icon_pictish_bow.png|Flawless Pictish Bow (Epic)}}
| {{Recipes|icon_harded_steel_bow.png|Flawless Hardened Steel Bow}}
| {{Recipes|icon basic wood bow.png|Flawless Hunting Bow}}
| {{Recipes|icon_composite_bow.png|Flawless Hyrkanian Bow}}
| {{Recipes|icon_composite_bow.png|Flawless Light Hyrkanian Bow}}
| {{Recipes|icon_star_metal_bow.png|Flawless Star Metal Bow}}
| {{Recipes|icon_branch.png|Branch}}
[[Category:Dogs of the Desert]]
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