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Flawless Turanian Phalanx Helm

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| name = Flawless Turanian Phalanx Helm
| uniqueName = Flawless Turanian Phalanx Helm
| canBeDismantled = yes
| isPotion = no
{{Quote|He glanced back at the shadowy palm groves, among which a red glare was mounting. A chanting rose to the night, vibrating with savage exultation. And another sound mingled with it, a mad incoherent screaming, a frenzied gibbering in which no words could be distinguished. The noise followed Conan as he rode westward beneath the paling stars.|The Man-Eaters of Zamboula}}
The pinnacle of protection, steel armor is a solid wall of defense against any type of attack, but the extreme weight requirements mean that the wearer must sacrifice mobility.
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="min-width: 50%; white-space: nowrap;"
|+ class="infoboxname" colspan="4" | Created from the following Recipes
! colspan="4" |<big>'''[[Armorer's Bench]]'''</big>
!Craft time
|1 {{ItemLink|Heavy Helmet Padding}}<br>24 {{ItemLink|Iron Bar}}<br>16 {{ItemLink|Leather}}<br>2 {{ItemLink|Horn (Variant A)}}
|1 {{ItemLink|Flawless Turanian Phalanx Helm}}<sup><small>1</small></sup>
|align=center|10 s
<sup><small>1</small></sup> craftable with a T4, T4 (purge) [[Armorer_(thrall)|Armorer]] thrall in the crafting station
Repairing '''[[Flawless Turanian Phalanx Helm]]''' requires up to:
* 121 {{ItemLink|IronHeavy BarPadding}}
* 818 {{ItemLink|LeatherIron Bar}}
* 12 {{ItemLink|Leather}}

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