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Redeemed Legion Boots

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The strange metal of this primordial armor always carries an unholy chill, even in the noonday sun. When donning this wicked carapace, the wearer hears whispering voices, voices that tell an ancient tragedy - voices that whisper the name of the Witch Queen.
== Craft Source==
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'''You need any T4 Purge Armorer to craft Redeemed Legion Boots'''
|+ class="infoboxname" colspan="4" | Created from the following Recipes
! colspan="4" |<big>'''[[Improved Armorer's Bench]]'''</big>
!Craft time
|2 {{ItemLink|Perfected Heavy Boot Lining}}<br>19 {{ItemLink|Star Metal Bar}}<br>12 {{ItemLink|Black Ice}}<br>10 {{ItemLink|Alchemical Base}}
|1 {{ItemLink|Redeemed Legion Boots}}
|align=center|20 s
Repairing '''[[Redeemed Legion Boots]]''' requires up to:

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