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Flawless Yamatai Tetsubo

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| heavydmg =
| harvesting power =
| armor pen = 2227.50%
| dura = 770
| armor =
| heatres =
| coldres =
| bonus = Sunder, Shieldsmash
| expiration =
| weight = 3.64
The people of Yamatai trade regularly along the eastern coastline of the Thurian continent - and their dhows can be seen docked from Vendhya and KambusjaKambuja to Paikang in Khitai. They have access to purer forms of metal on their volcanic islands than many of the cultures on the main continent.
They have developed a process called 'steel folding' that allows them to create very strong, sharp blades with a high amount of metal purity. This type of smithing is a closely guarded secret and would not be willingly taught to strangers.
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