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Gilzan the Treasure Hunter

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Teaches [[Emotes|emote]] '[[Taunt]]'
''No charge the first time.}}
{{Quote|I don't know what exactly his place is but a lot of things here don't add up. First, a lot of people who should be dead are alive in here. Why were they spared? Second, the purge. They kill anybody and anything that get in their way, yes, but they also take any relics they can find ''when they get out''. Some of the less reputable people I know call this 'skimming'. You let some other fools take all the risk and then rob them blind after it is done. These Exile Lands are one hell of a scam.}}
{{Quote|Just follow the passage. Great treasure awaits.}}
{{Quote|I just have a generous, trusting nature, is all. I didn't come here as an exile like so many of you others.
{{Quote|It seems the relics are the entire point of this whole exercise. Whoever or whatever it was that built the ruins, it's them that the people who created this place are interested in. We are just here to provide cheap labor. That's what gives us an opportunity. If you can figure out what they are looking for and you can find it first and you can defend it from the purge... well then you'll have the biggest bargaining chip of all and then you can make a great deal}}
Nah, I volunteered. They were hiring people like me to help them find relics in the ruins.
Lucky for me, I pushed that other fool over the boundary to test it first.}}


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