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Takfor Detdu

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| name = {{PAGENAME}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a named, Tier 4 [[Archer (thrall)|Archer]]<!-- Profession --> [[ThrallNPC]] of the [[Darfari Cannibals]]<!-- [[Faction]]. It is not currently released in-game, but can be spawned by the-> [[Admin PanelFaction]] where he is listed as "TakforDetdu".
* [[The Purge]]
* From [[Purge Type: A horde of darfari cannibals]] and [[Purge Type: A horde of darfari cannibals (Ostriches)]].
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File:Takfor FilenameDetdu 1948.jpg | {{PAGENAME}} atfrom the [[LocationPurge]]
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|{{Recipes|icon_worker_shoes.png|Coarse Footwraps}}
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File: Filename | {{PAGENAME}} at [[Location]]
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