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Given enough time, this egg will hatch into a baby animal.


  • The Icon cobra egg Snake Egg will hatch into the Icon cobra baby Cobra Hatchling (Pet).
  • Please note, that you need to wait for the egg to expire before it can be grown.
  • Keep it in your inventory for 24 hours expire time, or put it in a Icon compost box Compost Heap for a 1hr 10min expire time.


Exiled Lands[]

Nests with snake eggs can be found at:

Location Image Coordinates Description
Chaosmouth cobra egg
TeleportPlayer -61491 26828 -4752 Far south-southwest of the icon. Under the bridge on the south side of the Desert-Highlands wall at the south-most pillar, found between some rocks found off the northwest corner of that pillar.
Klael's Stronghold
Klael's Stronghold cobra egg
TeleportPlayer -222788 48071 -7489 Directly northeast of the icon. While looking at the dungeon entrance, turn right and go down the ramp that cuts through the cliff, it's against the rocks to the right in the first darkened fold in the cliff.
Mitra's Serenity
Mitra's Serenity cobra egg
TeleportPlayer 65117 145701 -15303 North-northeast of the icon. Behind the carved stone structure, but not the shrine itself and against the giant breakable boulder.
Muriela's Hope
Muriela's Hope cobra egg
TeleportPlayer -104090 69617 -9412 Directly south of the icon. At the bottom of the cliff south of the area, against the cliff in a fold of it, near a decorative grass bush.
Pagoda of Boundless Lusts
Pagoda of Boundless Lusts cobra egg
TeleportPlayer 343691 177606 -19710 Directly south of the icon. At the base of the pagoda, in a corner where the curve of the carved stone structure meets the curve of the natural stone boulder. Directly vertically below the southern cat statue.
Ruins of Old Nebthu
Ruins of Old Nebthu cobra egg
TeleportPlayer -121509 28193 -10093 Directly south of the icon. Found in a ruin that is west of the Den and northeast of Child of Jhebbal Sag, between two broken-off pieces of ancient carved stone wall by a tree.
Sepermeru cobra egg
TeleportPlayer -248098 122859 -1587 Far south of the Southlake icon. Looking at the southernmost entrance from the outside, turn left toward the cliff with the big eye mural, found in the fold of the cliff to the right of that eye mural.
Westwall cobra egg
TeleportPlayer -270733 82185 -3808 East-northeast of the icon. Exiting of the northern gate of the Westwall quarter, to the left (west), past the last ground-level building, nestled in a half-ring of breakable rocks and decorative grass bushes.

Isle of Siptah[]

Nests with snake eggs can be found at:

Location Image Coordinates Description
Leyshrine of the Serpent TeleportPlayer 14808 -31915 -8672 Outside the shrine next to a set of 3 boulders on the north side.
TeleportPlayer 10164 -21628 -8774 Outside the shrine next to a boulder on the south side.
Sanctuary of the Snakemen TeleportPlayer 185825 9499 -18696 Outside, along the base below and south of the entrance.
Sanctuary of the Serpent TeleportPlayer -339706 52779 -13391 Outside the shrine on the outer shore of the southwest moat.
TeleportPlayer -335747 53680 -13357 Outside the shrine on the inner shore of the southwest moat.

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