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Those eyes grew and became gigantic, and in them the Cimmerian glimpsed the reality of all the abysmal and blasphemous horros that lurk in the outer darkness of formless voids and knighted gulfs.
~ The Phoenix on the Sword

These eldritch gauntlets bear markings and script so old no living scholar could decipher them.

Offering significantly more protection than light armor, this medium armor incorporates many elements - metal rivets, articulated leather, and fur-trimmed cloth - to balance protection and agility. This middle of the road approach brings compromises of its own because this armor is neither as strong as heavy armor, nor as flexible as light armor.

An inferior copy of the armor worn by Tyros the Deathbringer - one can forgive the smith for wanting to imitate such a superior set of armor. However, without the weight of sorrow and the unique experiences of Tyros and his life.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Improved Armorer's Bench, Campaign Armorer's Bench,
Garrison Armorer's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon armorpadding medium.png Perfected Medium Padding
28 Icon starmetal bar.png Star Metal Bar
10 Icon hardened leather.png Hardened Leather
1 Icon silentlegion med m glove.png Silent Legion Medium Gauntlets 1 min 7788

Armor Set[]

This piece of equipment is part of the following armor set:

Silent Legion Medium

440 base armor, +2 Agility +2 Grit +2 Vitality +2 Strength +2 Encumbrance
No resistances


Repairing Silent Legion Medium Gauntlets requires up to: