Shield of Stone Oak

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Shield of Stone Oak
Shield of Stone Oak
A shield constructed from the petrified wood of the Kr'llyandian horror.
Type Shield
Base Bonus +4 Vitality, +4 Grit
Grade Legendary
Weapon Type Shield
Base Damage 34
Base Armor Penetration 13.5%
Base Durability 15000
Base Weight 2.10
ID 51355

Description[edit | edit source]

While wooden shields are still commonplace as a low-cost (and highly portable) means of defense, the proliferation of smithing has ushered in a new age of more durable metal shields. Of course, the downside to metal is increased weight over the duration of a long battle. The rare shields crafted from the hide of a Kr'llyandian beast feature the best of both worlds.

Most warriors prefer to carry a shield into battle if there is one available. The best blow is the one that misses, but the second-best blow is the one that you block.

Repair[edit | edit source]

This item can be repaired with a Epic icon whetstone hardened steel bar.png Legendary Weapon Repair Kit.