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Nothing says more about the owner of a building than their choice of furnishing. The clean-picked bones of this hatchling speak to the taste and sophistication of a person who would club a baby animal to death and then use it as a decoration.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Artisan Table, Aquilonian Artisan Table, Argossean Artisan Table, Khitan Artisan Table, Turanian Artisan Table, Nemedian Artisan Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon baby kappa shell Shaleback Hatchling Shell
10 Icon bone-1 Bone
13 Icon stone-1 Stone
1 Icon baby kappa decoration Shaleback Hatchling Decoration 10 s 26


Repairing Shaleback Hatchling Decoration requires up to:


The Shaleback Hatchling Decoration can be dismantled using the Icon Crafting Dismantler Dismantling Bench to recover the following materials:

For slightly more materials, you can use the Icon crafting dismantler t2 Improved Dismantling Bench: