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Serpentmen are a dying race in Conan Exiles. The last remnant of them lives in the depths of the Volcano, accessable only through the Well of Skelos.

The Serpentmen were once widespread, inhabiting many places the world over, including Antartica. During their race's heyday, they would dine upon humans and worship their patron god, Set. They and they alone mastered the art of forging obsidian into a usable material. However, the humans eventually rose up and began a genocide of immense proportions. The serpentmen were nearly wiped out, save for a few outposts. They were then devastated again by King Kull of Valusia. The history of the ruins in the volcano remains a mystery, but the last remnant of the snake people dwell here. Due to the mass genocide of their people, the serpentmen were forced to begin mating with lesser reptiles to preserve their species. They have slowly devolved into simpler, impure creatures. Only one pure-blooded member of the race still lives, and he is doomed to die if you are to escape the Exiled Lands. All serpentmen are hostile to the player and thralls.