Serpent-man Warhammer

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Serpent-man Warhammer
Serpent-man Warhammer
A Warhammer in a blasphemous ancient style
Type Weapon
Grade High
Weapon Type TwoHanded Mace2H
Base Damage 48
Base Armor Penetration 31.24%
Base Durability 1872
Base Weight 4.46
Effects Sunder
ID 51523
Serpent-Man Warhammer
Serpent-Man Warhammer
Level 0 Cost 1
Icon star metal 2h sword.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon serpentmen warhammer.png Serpent-man Warhammer
A Warhammer in a blasphemous ancient style
Crafted at Any blacksmith's bench

Description[edit | edit source]

And at last mankind conquered, so long ago that naught but dim legends come to us through the ages. The snake-people were the last to go, yet at last men conquered even them and drove them forth into the waste lands of the world, there to mate with true snakes until some day, say the sages, the horrid breed shall vanish utterly.
~ The Shadow Kingdom

The snake-people were thought to be gone. First defeated in the war with first man at the dawn of time, then purged again by King Kull of Valusia.

But here, in this bizarre, mysterious piece of the world, they found succor with the Giant-kings. Perhaps the city in the volcano was ancient before even the Giant-kings lived in this land. But either way, the degenerate remnant remains.

This Warhammer is forged from blasphemous patterns obtained beneath the volcano from the last degenerate.

Source[edit | edit source]

Created from the following Recipes
Blacksmith's Bench, Improved Blacksmith's Bench,
Campaign Blacksmith's Bench, Garrison Blacksmith's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon handle short.png Weapon Handle
45 Icon iron bar.png Iron Bar
10 Icon alchemical base.png Alchemical Base
10 Icon reptile hide-1.png Reptile Hide
1 Icon serpentmen warhammer.png Serpent-man Warhammer 30 s 286

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Serpent-man Warhammer requires up to: