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Sepermeru Chest Locations
Sepermeru Chest Locations
Levels: 1-60
Author: Joschilein8343389


The numbers of the chests have no higher significance and are just to be taken as a consistent marker for this guide. The route this numbers indicate is still an efficient route to get to all chests, but you don't have to start at #01.

Nearly every chest can be accessed without any fighting because Sepermeru isn't a very hostile environment. Exceptions are:

  • Chest #16 is heavily guarded
  • On the leg from #11 to #12+13 you can run into a wandering spawn that might want to attack you, but you just escape into the water on your way to #12+13.
  • Chest #26 has some hostile people at the bottom of the buildings, but you can access the chest from above/behind and just ignore them

At low levels, you might get overloaded quickly. The easiest way to reduce your weight and therefor to prolong the ability to run is to drop Icon leather thick.png Thick Leather that you will collect from many chests.

You can access every chest with just your basic grid at level 1. For the chests on higher towers (#17, #20, #25) you might have to take a break halfway up.

Interesting things you can collect from these chests, especially at lower levels:

At level 37 you can craft a Icon Crafting Dismantler.png Dismantling Bench. Until you have level 37 you can collect these items


n type content description
01 Icon chest.png
02 Icon chest.png
03 Icon chest.png
04 Icon chest.png
05 Icon chest.png
06 Icon wooden box.png
07 Icon wooden box.png
08 Icon chest.png
09 Icon chest.png
10 Icon chest.png
11 Icon chest.png Gold/Silver
12 Icon wooden box.png Found within a little Cave
13 Icon chest.png Found within a little Cave
14 Icon chest.png
15 Icon wooden box.png Directly behind/above the ghost dancers
16 Icon chest.png Gold/Silver Heavily guarded
17 Icon chest.png
18 Icon wooden box.png
19 Icon wooden box.png
20 Icon chest.png
21 Icon wooden box.png
22 Icon chest.png
23 Icon wooden box.png
24 Icon wooden box.png
25 Icon chest.png
26 Icon chest.png Gold/Silver Lightly guarded
27 Icon chest.png Gold/Silver In the Bandit camp at chest #26 in the water under the pier (no marker on the pics)


Sepermeru Chests Overview 01.jpg Sepermeru Chests Overview 02.jpg Sepermeru Chests Overview 03.jpg Sepermeru Chests Overview 04.jpg

Sepermeru Chests 01-08.jpg Sepermeru Chests 09-10-11-24-25.jpg Sepermeru Chests 12-13-14-15-16.jpg