The three notes are located on a ridge north of The Summoning Place by a green tent, a rawhide bedroll, a small campfire and the remains of whoever possibly wrote these notes. All three Notes are simply named "Note".


I have studied these wretched creatures from afar. Cannibals as they may be, they are not completely devoid of intelligence. Through rituals best left undescribed, they have concocted a powder that corrupts absolutely.

They use this powder in their own cauldrons and force it on their own kind. While I cannot hear their ramblings from my hiding spot, it is clear to me that they use this to punish their fellow clansmen. I saw one of them transform into... a monster. A small, fat, fetid and wretched creature with red skin. It ran away from the cauldron and... exploded.

After I regained my composure, I now realize where those pathetic limbering creatures from the south of the river have come from. I never could have imagined that they were human once and turned into those demonic looking creations. I now have yet another reason to have these cannibalistic dogs.

Hrolf will not be happy to hear this.

I witnessed a number of the cannibals dragging others of their ilk from the south and towards the sink-hole. With them, they had a cauldron of... something foul, I have no doubt.

They did not get far before one of their prisoners broke free and attempted to run. She was cut down immediately by her captors. In her death-throes she turned over the cauldron and the bubbling liquid sprayed across the others.

I watched, as the liquid burned the flesh off the bones of them, and yet - they stood still as if paralyzed, only managing to turn their heads towards their sun in a silent scream. Even as the liquid turned their flesh into a slurry that sloppily fell of their bones, they stood upright. I turned away and lost my dinner.

I woke to yet another horror the next day, as now the skeletons from the day before were now moving around, as if they were still alive. The dead walk these lands now - and I dare not move from my scouting spot. Damn you Hrolf for sending me on this scouting mission. You have doomed me!

I saw today a number of the brutes from the place of summoning ordering a number of the others to carry a large pot of some indeterminate liquid. They carried it towards the sink-hole.

As they approached, I could hear an unholy roar from beneath the ground. I have no wish to understand what manner of beast resides there. It did not seem to stop the savages, however, and they carried the pot to the edge and then started pouring it out.

At first, I thought they were feeding whatever creature dwells below but then I saw a mighty flame shoot up from below, engulfing the cannibal dogs. On fire, they stumbled about, and fell down into the hole, bringing the pot with them.

I do not know what happened after but the occupant of that infernal hole would not stop roaring for hours afterwards until it stopped abruptly, right before nightfall. What unnamable horror resides in that pit I will never know, For I plan to avoid the place as if it was plagued. Which it might as well be.


This comes to suggest that the origins of the Imps are from Darfari experimentations.
Another report indicates the Darfari are responsible for the unnamed camp of Darfari Skeletons east of The Sinkhole.
The last report describes them trying to perform some kind of alchemical ritual regarding the Undead Dragon.


It can be found on a high ground overlooking The Sinkhole, directly north of The Summoning Place - TeleportPlayer 17815 155545 -3460


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