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Sandstorm ongoing biomes
Clothes, and weapons will not save you from the powerful sandstorms which plague the Exiled Lands, however. When a storm hits you will need to find shelter or inevitably be torn to shreds by the powerful winds.
~ Dev Blog[1]

The sandstorm is one of the weather challenges and status effects you will face throughout Hyboria in Conan Exiles. It is very important that you prepare for the sandstorm, as it will kill you.

How to tell if a sandstorm is coming?[]

If graphics are set to High, you will see small shadows flying across the ground. This is flying debris from the front of the storm.[2]

Four options for survival[]

  1. Use the environment. Caves and natural crevices provide the player with a fully-filled Shelter icon.
  2. Having a high amount of Health and Armor will allow you to survive for some time.
  3. Build shelter, such as tents, which will provide protection from the winds and sand.
  4. Craft a Icon sandstorm mask Sandstorm Breathing Mask, Icon stygian headdress Setite Mask, Epic icon CorruptedMask Yoggite Chosen Mask, Epic icon CorruptedMask Mask of the Witch Doctor, Icon aquil M helmetA Commander's Helmet, Icon legendary SK iron king helmet M Chilled Godbreaker Helmet or Icon legendary SK iron king helmet M Godbreaker Helmet. These will allow you to breathe and explore in the sandstorm.


  • The sandstorm covers most of the desert and some of the edges of the adjacent biomes.[3]