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Any warrior with even a little battle hardening will agree that the safest ground to defend is the high ground. And if there is no high ground to defend, make it yourself. Stairs are a necessity once buildings grow beyond a certain size. They provide points of natural defence and easy access to higher floors and rooftops (which make excellent archery platforms). Their only weakness is the material upon which they are built if the high ground is brought crashing down then it no longer serves a tactical purpose. Cobbled together from ill-fitting stones buttressed by flimsy branches scavenged from the environment, this is barely a step above rubble. Despite its appearance, it will provide some protection from the elements and the predators that roam the Exiled Lands. Determined foes, however, will find it no barrier.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Construction Hammer
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
35 Icon stone-1 Stone
5 Icon wood-1 Wood
1 Icon stairs-1 Sandstone Stairs 0 s 270


Repairing Sandstone Stairs requires up to: