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On the EAST side of the Black hand Ship, there is an anchor. From the Anchor, take 45 steps (walk don't run) NORTH Turn EAST, take 50 steps, then turn SOUTH and take 25 more steps. Finally, turn EAST and take 150 steps. There, hidden at the base of a mighty tree, is my chest.


Salaceo's Instructions is a lore item in Conan Exiles.

There is an anchor in the water just South of the ship. This is not the one mentioned. Look East, on top of the ridge instead.

According to the Etched Note author, the instructions noted here are incorrect. The actual steps taken must be doubled in order to reach the actual location (top left of quadrant I-6). Nevertheless, if you somewhat try to follow said instructions (or tries to deduce the location by drawing an imaginary line that goes up, right, down half, and right starting from the anchor) you will immediately find yourself either falling off the ridge, or far away from any mighty tree.

If you instead look around from the anchor, you will spot some big uncuttable trees. Going to the first one, you will spot a half buried gray chest. Its loot may vary, but the usual contents are a couple of Icon gold coin Gold Coin and Icon silver coin Silver Coin.

Neither the instructions on this note, or the corrections to it, lead to any treasure chest at all. It is unknown if this is because of Salaceo, or it was not intended to be followed as it is.