Saddler's Worktable

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Saddler's Worktable
Saddler's Worktable
A worktable for the creation of saddles
Type BuildingItem
Health 10000
Max Stack 100
Container Size 30
Base Weight Information.png 10.00
ID 18513
Novice Saddle-maker
Novice Saddle-maker
Level 20 Cost 5
Icon light exile armor.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon saddle basic 1.png Warhorse Saddle Light
A saddle designed for war
Crafted at Saddler's Worktable
Icon saddle crafting bench.png Saddler's Worktable
A worktable for the creation of saddles
Hand crafted
Icon rhino basic 1 saddle.png Rhino Travel Saddle Light
A scout saddle designed for travel
Crafted at Saddler's Worktable


Straddling the line between art and craft, saddlery is the design and creation of saddles. Many civilized cities will boast several saddlers, competing for the attention of noblemen and the local military. In such places, only access to raw materials and imagination put limits on what can be created.

Out here in the Exiled Lands, both raw materials and imagination are much harder to come by.


Created from the following Recipes
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
50 Icon ingredient plank.png Shaped Wood
50 Icon ingredient rope.png Twine
50 Icon leather.png Leather
1 Icon saddle crafting bench.png Saddler's Worktable 5 s 160200

Thrall(s) Used



Repairing Saddler's Worktable requires up to: