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Riders of Hyboria Pack DLC key art

The Riders of Hyboria Pack is a mounts-themed DLC, which released December 5, 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

You can now ride in both force and style through the Exiled lands and crush your enemies with brutal cavalry charges. Lower your lance and skewer opponents or pick them off at a distance with mounted archery.

With the Riders of Hyboria Pack you can not only equip your horse with unique new saddles, but also gear yourself up in knightly armors and weapons from the region of Poitain.

Build a stable for your horses with new building pieces and decorate it with placeables such as carts, haystacks and wheel barrows.


Stable Foundations[]

Poitain Armors[]



Poitain Steeds[]

Stable Furnishing[]


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