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A Rhino is a creature and potential pet in Conan Exiles.


Keen on a challenge in Conan Exiles? The Rhino will surely test your mettle. Much like the gazelle, the mighty rhino is a mostly docile creature, but any exile who dares attack it will be facing the business end of its gigantic horn. Rhinos move through the desert in herds and can be harvested for their tough skin. There's even rumours of a massive king rhino roaming the Exiled Lands.

~ Creatures of Conan Exiles: Rhinos[1][2][3]


A large, heavily built plant-eating mammal with two horns on the nose and thick, folded skin, the rhinoceros will happily charge, trample and throw those that wander too close.


Rhinos are predominantly located in the Savanna and some can be found near these established locations:


  • Rhinos are short-sighted and will only attack nearby threats. In deadly situations, it is often sufficient to run a short distance away, as they will not follow the Player Character for a long time.
  • Their initial attack is often a charge attack that will knock down anything they hit and inflict large amounts of trample damage.
  • They deal moderate damage but have a lot of HP.


Items and resources dropped may depend on the specific Rhino that is harvested and/or tool that is used.


To obtain a pet rhinoceros, the Player must first capture a wandering Icon baby Rhino.png Rhino Calf from around the open world and bring it back to an Icon pet pen tier1.png Animal Pen to raise it.

A Calf can grow up into 1 of 4 variants:

1 variant can be selected by combining Icon turan pet food.png Turanian Fodder with one of the above Rhinos prior to placement as part of the Treasures of Turan DLC:

3 variants can become mounts by combining a regular Icon pet RhinoGray.png Rhinoceros with Icon rhino fodder.png Sea Salted Fodder as part of the Isle of Siptah DLC:

1 variant can become a mount by combining a regular Icon pet RhinoGray.png Rhinoceros with Icon rhino fodder.png Wartorn Fodder if one acquired the Isle of Siptah during its beta:


  • Once an adult pet rhino has been placed into the world, it can be tasked with following the Player. If chosen to be a follower, the rhino will follow the Player around the map and should attack any enemy that attacks the Player or that the Player chooses to attack.
  • The pet rhino can also be tasked with guarding a particular area around the Player's base. A pet rhino on guard should defend the area against an enemy NPC, wild animal, or The Purge.
  • In Official PVP, a pet rhino on guard should attack players from any other clan if they wander too close to the area the rhino is guarding during raid hours.
  • In Official PVE and PVE-C, a pet rhino is considered a Player-owned object and, as such, cannot be attacked by and cannot attack other players.


  • Pet rhinos can gain experience and level-up while following the Player. Regardless of whether the Player or the rhino deals the final blow, both parties will receive the experience.
  • As the rhino levels-up, their attributes (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Accuracy and Survival) can change.
  • Once the rhino levels up, the message, "Your pet leveled up" is displayed.
  • A rhino will not gain experience when not following the Player.
  • The current maximum level a rhino can reach is 20.


  • Pet rhinos do not require food to survive, however feeding a pet rhino their preferred food will give them an increased chance to specific attributes when they gain a level.
  • Only the first food eaten after a level up should affect the attribute percentage chances.


  • Food may also be used to heal the pet rhino when it takes damage and will automatically be consumed as needed if in their inventory.
Preferred Food Strength Agility Vitality Accuracy Survival Nutrition
Icon bark-1.png Bark +7% +7% 1 pt healing/sec
Icon berries highlands.png Highland Berries +14% 1 pt healing/sec
Icon plant fiber-1.png Plant Fiber +14% 2 pts healing/sec
Icon vines.png Vines +14% 3 pts healing/sec
Icon berries desert.png Desert Berries +14% 4 pts healing/sec
Icon seeds.png Seeds +14% 6 pts healing/sec
Icon pet food.png Shadespiced Bark +7% +7% 7 pts healing/sec
Icon dried berries.png Dried Berries +7% +7% 8 pts healing/sec
Icon midnight blue flower.png Midnight Blue Flower +7% +3% +3% 9 pts healing/sec
Icon aloe soup.png Aloe Soup +7% +3% +3% 10 pts healing/sec


  • For available perks at levels 10, 15 and 20 see Follower Perks (Rhino & Universal)
  • The rhino turns relatively slow, so keeping behind it is a good strategy.


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