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Jakkad's people were skeptical when I first stumbled into their city. But they knew his name and then... Shemites! My countrymen! Familiar faces. Some recognized my face, but I quieted them with a glance. [...] The Exiled Lands are a fearsome place, but the people have managed to build something. I have spoken with men who have been here for a score of years. they told me of the Purge, when soldiers ride through the land, slaying and pillaging. They have told me of the sandstorms that arise with such fury out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly. I told them of the vision I had in the ruined city. [...] They've agreed to send an expedition.

- Razma of Shem


Relic Hunters are literally just that: a band of tomb raiders, plunderers, treasure seekers and daredevils scavenging the ancient ruins of the Exiled Lands.
They are among the oldest, most established and powerful human factions in the game, with a strong affiliation towards Set, as indicated by the Set Priests found in Sepermeru.
The faction is comprised of Shemites, Stygians, Hyrkanians, Hyborians, Zamorians, Zingarans and Kushites.

The Relic Hunters terrorize the Exiled Lands in search of slaves or treasures, pillaging ruins, camps and hideouts along the way. They tend to cover their faces with darkened silk and wield many large pockets to store their loot. Others wear the insignia and robes of Set and perform grueling rituals on the steps of their temple, doubtlessly influenced by the nearby dead city of the Giant-Kings. Many of their members are also prepared to whip any fool they capture in the desert into submission and intimidate them in the dressings of primitive slavemasters, barely covering their muscular, darkened skin.


Relic Hunters as a faction inhabit Sepermeru, but can also be found in the north-western savanna as Relic Hunter Slavetakers, north of Sepermeru and inside the Unnamed City as Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers surrounding human mini-bosses like Ness of Shem. Relic Hunters from Sepermeru are passive unless attacked and generally respond to nearby groups getting attacked as well.

They are amongst the toughest human enemies in the Exiled Lands, with 750 HP being on par with the late game faction in the Volcano. T4 named NPCs of this faction like Beli the Breaker or Inigo the Vengeful land at 825 HP.


  • Relic Hunters have the highest health of any human NPC (equal to Votaries of Skelos), and deal high amounts of damage, despite their mid-tier weapons.
  • Large areas of the city are covered with archers sitting on high ground, so killing those first is a good way to avoid damage.
  • attacking groups also turns nearby groups aggressive - move slowly and carefully when attacking anyone.
  • Due to the large number of workers and largely unarmored enemies, raw damage trumps in a lot of fights over armor penetration.
  • Bleeding and Poison is particularly effective due to their huge health pool.
  • a relatively big part of the faction uses Daggers, which results in many stacks of Bleeding, plan accordingly.
  • fighting with a companion brings the additional risk of pulling unintentional groups.



Wanderer Spawns[]

RelicHuntercamps 3.png

Various unnamed spawns along the savanna like:

Spawns are depicted with blue triangles on the map.

Notable NPCs[]

Archer Mandughai Hundred-Arrow Lissa o' the Longbow Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker (Archer)
Armorer Arcen Brokenfingers Diana Steelshaper Ghamm the Worn Hanar of Bossonia
Silas the weathered Tarris Leatherbinder Than Hammerblow Zoara of the Marshes
Blacksmith Hyam Hammerhand Kot-Arok Steelbender
Cook Bragoras the Baker Lone Fisherman
Entertainer Luba the Luscious Thutmekri the Dramatist
Fighter Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker (Fighter)
Priest - Set Hoshun the Fang Amn'Ut The Blessed
Smelter Daya Leaddrinker
Tanner Inigo the Vengeful
Taskmaster Beli the Breaker Leo the Monster Olena the Oathmaker

The Purge only[]

The Purge only.

Alchemist Hebanen the Quack Master Alchemist Rashida
Archer Ambusher Tyra Chritis the Tracker Fann Deg
Armorer Apet the Smith Blacksmith Nepta
Blacksmith Hap-Zepet Forgeguard Teph Steeped-In-Fire
Carpenter Am-Hatep of the Timber Asunkur of the Weald
Cook Karamheb of the Larder Tap-Et the Taster
Entertainer Luba the Luscious Thutmekri the Dramatist
Fighter Seeker Iris
Priest - Set Patep the Soothsayer Thaumaturge Ptah-Mun
Smelter Flametender Khet1 Thunkmek Ironwrought
Tanner Fell Mak-Tet Dalina the Shielded
Taskmaster Kep-Amut the Merciless1 Tep the Unyielding1

Needs further testing / might not spawn yet:

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Common Loot[]

Icon iron bar.png Iron Bar Icon brimstone.png Brimstone Icon bark-1.png Bark Icon glass.png Glass Icon coal.png Coal
Icon ingredient plank.png Shaped Wood Icon round bottomed flask.png Glass Flask Icon glowing essence.png Glowing Essence Icon oil.png Oil Icon gold dust.png Gold Dust
Icon silver coin.png Silver Coin Ironhead Arrows Razor Arrows Steel Arrows Ivory Arrows
Icon grease orb.png Grease Orb Icon water orb.png Water Orb Icon gas orb.png Gaseous Orb Icon White candle-1.png Candle Stub Icon Wd Bench Old.png Crude Wooden Bowl

Signature Weapons[]

Signature Armor[]