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A fearsome and aggressive creature sharing aspects of canine, goat, and other unknowable denizens from the pit of hell.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon pet Hyena Alpha Greater Hyena (Variant A)
1 Icon pet food battlepass Sorcerous Pet Food
1 Icon A02C4 demon pet wolf alpha shop Raging Abyssal Horror Hound (Pet) 3 s 112


Preferred Food Strength Agility Vitality Grit Nutrition
Icon perfect cut of meat Exquisite Meat +7% +7% 1 health/sec
Icon fatty meat Raw Pork +14% 1 health/sec
Icon raw stringy meat Feral Flesh +14% 2 health/sec
Icon human flesh Human Flesh 3 health/sec
Icon raw tough meat Exotic Flesh 4 health/sec
Icon tainted flesh Abysmal Flesh +14% 6 health/sec
Icon pet food Shadespiced Fatty Meat +7% 7 health/sec
Icon blood-sausage Blood Sausage +7% 8 health/sec
Icon cooked fatty meat Cooked Pork Rinds +3% +3% 9 health/sec
Icon delicious meat strips Cooked Pork Strips +7% +3% +3% 10 health/sec

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