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Under the caverned pyramids great Set coils asleep...
~ The Phoenix on the Sword

Even the most world-weary adventurer cannot help but look upon such a sight without awe. It is said the gods themselves reach down just to touch its splendor. For what structure is like the pyramid? Whatever ancient art, science, or sorcery made them remains a mystery to most and a miracle to all.

Every structure that has ever fallen to an enemy has been breached somewhere. And the breach point, more often than not, is the door. A door is only as strong as the place where it is anchored and many a would-be warlord has come to grief when their solidly constructed door was torn off at the anchor point. The difference between a king and a pauper might just be the entrance to his kingdom.

Created from reinforced stone, this door offers access to friends and denies it to foes. Weapons barely chip its material, and even explosive powder is not enough to weaken it in a single blow. Siege weapons or divine intervention are really the only way to bring down this wonder.


Created from the following Recipes Information
Construction Hammer
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
10 Icon ingredient hardenedBrick Hardened Brick
4 Icon ingredient plank Shaped Wood
3 Icon ingredient steel reinforcement Steel Reinforcement
1 Icon pyramid door shop Pyramid Door 0 s 658


Repairing Pyramid Door requires up to: