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Princess is a story character in Conan Exiles. She was first seen tied down to a sacrificial altar at Mek-kamoses's Spire during the Age of Sorcery, then, by the Age of War, was rescued by Conan and stays with him in the tavern at Waterside.


My blood, it is royal, and apparently coveted for sacrifice. My father is a king...and a dog.
Through his own embarrassing indiscretions, my father became indebted to the Stygian Thoth-amon. I was traded to settle his accounts and save his craven skin.
Oh, these sorcerers. They are all alike. May each and every one of them lose their odious heads!
I'm well away from my dog-king father. I won't go back. For now, I'll follow Conan. If that path leads me to danger, so may it be. It can be no worse than what I have faced.