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==Thrall(s) Used==

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Precision Carpenter's Bench
Precision Carpenter's Bench
A bench equipped with specialty tools designed to reduce waste and decrease the cost of carpentry projects.
Type BuildingItem
Health 75000
Max Stack 100
Container Size 40
Base Weight Information.png 10.00
ID 18536
Grandmaster Carpenter
Grandmaster Carpenter
Level 57 Cost 12
Icon star metal pickaxe.png Icon epic carpenters worktable.png Icon Blank.png
Icon crafting carpenterbench t3 varA.png Trade Carpenter's Bench
A bench designed to reduce the time it takes to craft items.
Hand crafted
Icon crafting carpenterbench t3 varB.png Precision Carpenter's Bench
A bench designed to reduce decrease the cost of carpentry projects.
Hand crafted


'Our merciful sovereign offers you one more chance, Countess,' said the tallest of the three, and he spoke Aquilonian without an accent. 'He bids me say that if you soften your proud, rebellious spirit, he will still open his arms to you. If not-' he gestured toward a grim wooden block in the center of the cell. It was blackly stained and showed many deep nicks as if a keen edge, cutting through some yielding substance, had sunk into the wood.
~ The Hour of the Dragon

The ability to work wood is a useful skill for anybody interested in creating buildings and furniture. This bench is covered with all manner of implements needed to create anything from houses to chairs.


Created from the following Recipes
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
200 Icon ingredient hardenedBrick.png Hardened Brick
300 Icon insultated wood.png Insulated Wood
50 Icon ingredient steel reinforcement.png Steel Reinforcement
200 Icon ingredient rope.png Twine
1 Icon crafting carpenterbench t3 varB.png Precision Carpenter's Bench 6 min 11500

Thrall(s) Used



Repairing Precision Carpenter's Bench requires up to: