Potion of Lost Souls

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Potion of Lost Souls
Potion of Lost Souls
Made from strange materials that dropped from the sky
Type Consumable
Consumable Yes
Max Stack 20
Expiration 1:00:00
Base Weight Information.png 0.01
ID 14150

Description[edit | edit source]

From the sky, a light will fall Bringing horrors to us all Shards of it can be consumed You may be blessed - or may be doomed

Notes[edit | edit source]

Only available during the 2018 'Night of Lost Souls' event.

Inside the fallen stones you will also discover the Potion of Lost Souls, a special brew only available on this hallowed night. Imbibing the Potion will grant you certain benefits at random. Drink one and see what happens, but don’t drink too many or your body will suffer the consequences. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.[1]

When consumed, the potion inflicts the player with random status effects. These may be positive or negative. Despite the warning from Funcom, each potion has the same effect, no matter how many you take.

References[edit | edit source]