Plant-Based Tannery

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Plant-Based Tannery
Plant-Based Tannery
A tannery for processing hides into leather utilizing materials which occur naturally in plants, trees, and flowers resulting in a greatly reduced fuel costs.
Type BuildingItem
Health 75000
Max Stack 100
Container Size 40
Base Weight Information.png 10.00
ID 18534
Grandmaster Tanner
Grandmaster Tanner
Level 56 Cost 12
Icon star metal pickaxe.png Icon epic tannery.png Icon Blank.png
Icon crafting tannery t3 varA.png Precision Tannery
A tannery and process designed to lower the cost of tanned items.
Hand crafted
Icon crafting tannery t3 varB.png Plant-Based Tannery
A tannery for processing hides resulting in greatly reduced fuel costs.
Hand crafted


They were young men, but hard and sinewy, with a bearing that comes only to men rendered desperate by adversity. They were clad in mail shirts and worn leather; swords hung at their girdles.
~ A Witch Shall be Born

The stench of the tannery is easily identifiable in the major cities of the world and tanners are often relegated to the outskirts of cities or villages, preferably downstream. Bark is the most common form of tannin used to convert hide into leather. During the process it breaks down into Tar, which is a useful catalyst for alchemists.


Created from the following Recipes
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
200 Icon ingredient hardenedBrick.png Hardened Brick
150 Icon insultated wood.png Insulated Wood
50 Icon ingredient steel reinforcement.png Steel Reinforcement
25 Icon hardened leather.png Hardened Leather
1 Icon crafting tannery t3 varB.png Plant-Based Tannery 6 min 10650


Repairing Plant-Based Tannery requires up to: