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Pets are domesticated creatures in Conan Exiles.



The Player can raise a variety of pets in order to build their farm, defend their base, or explore the Exiled Lands with a trusty companion by their side.

How to Acquire[]

There are 5 ways to obtain certain Pets:

  • Capturing baby creatures in the wild around the map

Both baby and adult pets will have an expiration timer placed on them when they are in the Player's inventory. The timer may be paused by either putting the creature into the appropriate taming shelter, placing them in a Preservation Box with ice, or (if an adult pet) placed into the world.

Available Pets[]

Baby Adult Base Health Base Damage Base Armor Location
N/A Grey Ape 747 18 63 Hanuman's Grotto
Bear Cub Bear 1,240 20 59 Tundra
Bear Cub Greater Bear 4,355 22 84 Tundra
Boar Shoat Boar 722 17 62 Tundra
Boar Shoat Greater Boar 3,273 27 146 Tundra
Camel Calf Camel 315 17 22 The Den
Crocodile Hatchling Crocodile 358 16 24 Desert
Crocodile Hatchling Greater Crocodile 2,099 23 146 Desert
Elephant Calf Elephant 1,050 18 47 Savanna
Elephant Calf Greater Elephant 1,494 26 81 Savanna
Elephant Calf Mammoth 3,350 26 118 Savanna
Fawn Gazelle 272 17 19 Savanna
Gorilla Infant Gorilla 639 19 56 Jungle
Gorilla Infant Silverback Gorilla 1,523 25 145 Jungle
N/A Frost Giant Bodyguard 1,544 19 106 New Asagarth
Foal Horse 1,073 0 53 Tundra / Highlands
Striped Hyena Whelp / Spotted Hyena Whelp Striped Hyena / Spotted Hyena 358 19 24 Desert
Striped Hyena Whelp / Spotted Hyena Whelp Greater Hyena (Pet) 1,359 21 331 Desert
Jaguar Cub Jaguar 639 19 56 Savanna
Jaguar Cub Greater Jaguar 1,712 34 97 Savanna
Lion Cub Lion 855 0 69 Savanna
Lion Cub Greater Lion 1,413 0 200 Savanna
Ostrich Chick Ostrich (blue) 315 18 22 Desert
Ostrich Chick Ostrich (grey) 423 18 28 Desert
Ostrich Chick Ostrich (red) 639 18 40 Desert
Panther Cub Panther 747 19 63 Jungle
Panther Cub Greater Panther 1,712 34 97 Jungle
Rhino Calf Rhinoceros 1,045 14 81 Savanna
Rhino Calf White Rhinoceros 1,348 14 93 Savanna
Rhino Calf Black Rhinoceros 1,470 16 293 Savanna
Rhino Calf Greater Rhinoceros 2,881 16 324 Savanna
Pebblenose Rocknose / Gold-vein Rocknose 592 14 28 The Den
Pebblenose Silver-vein Rocknose 894 14 40 The Den
Pebblenose Greater Rocknose 3,283 15 124 The Den
Sabretooth Kitten Sabretooth 855 21 69 Snow / Tundra
Sabretooth Kitten Greater Sabretooth 1,887 38 104 Snow / Tundra
Locust Spawn Sand Reaper (yellow) / Sand Reaper (orange) 747 19 75 Flotsam / Dagon's Embrace
Locust Spawn Sand Reaper (green) 747 20 75 Flotsam / Dagon's Embrace
Locust Spawn Sand Reaper Queen 2,025 32 282 Flotsam / Dagon's Embrace
Scorpion Hatchling Scorpion (small) 315 18 56 The Scorpion Den
Scorpion Hatchling Scorpion (medium) 855 18 87 The Scorpion Den
Scorpion Hatchling Scorpion (large) 1,413 18 106 The Scorpion Den
Scorpion Hatchling Scorpion Queen 2,837 20 312 The Scorpion Den
Shaleback Hatchling Shaleback (green) 296 16 49 River / Savanna
Shaleback Hatchling Shaleback (blue) 389 16 53 River / Savanna
Shaleback Hatchling Shaleback (red) 451 16 56 River / Savanna
Shaleback Hatchling Shaleback (purple) 512 16 58 River / Savanna
Shaleback Hatchling Greater Shaleback 2,257 18 179 River / Savanna
Shoebill Chick Shoebill (green) 423 16 44 Flotsam
Shoebill Chick Shoebill (red) 531 16 50 Flotsam
Shoebill Chick Shoebill (white) 645 17 162 Flotsam
N/A Unstable Skeleton 2 18 10 Crafted
N/A Skeleton 315 18 22 Crafted
N/A Skeleton Warrior 444 18 29 Crafted
N/A Wight 617 18 39 Crafted
N/A Legion Warrior 1,428 29 139 Crafted
Spiderling Spider (grey) 315 21 50 Flotsam
Spiderling Spider (green) 358 21 52 Flotsam
Spiderling Red Widow 488 20 60 Flotsam
Spiderling Black Widow 531 20 62 Flotsam
Spiderling Corrupted Spider 1,921 23 140 Flotsam
Tiger Cub Tiger 747 20 63 Jungle / Savanna
Tiger Cub White Tiger 1,712 36 97 Jungle / Savanna
N/A Undead Hyena 531 19 34 Crafted
N/A Undead Kappa 760 16 68 Crafted
N/A Undead Monstrosity 1,282 19 65 Crafted
Wolf Cub Wolf 884 18 56 Highlands
Wolf Cub Greater Wolf 1,566 32 91 Highlands
N/A Yeti 1,197 14 53 Hanuman's Grotto
N/A Black Yeti 3,484 17 84 Hanuman's Grotto

Status Effects[]


Main article: Taming


Resource Production[]

  • Once a pet is taken from their pen, they can only be placed back into it if they have not first been placed in the open world.
  • If a pet is taken from their pen and their skin is modified via DLC, they will not produce resources when placed back in the pen.
  • If a pet meets an untimely demise, their carcass can also be placed in the Fluid Press for additional materials including: Icon bone-1.png Bones, Icon blood.png Blood, Icon hide-1.png Hide, and various animals parts, pelts, and materials related to the animal.


  • Once an adult pet has been placed into the world, it can be tasked with guarding an area around the Player's base.
  • A pet on guard should defend the area against an enemy NPC, wild animal, or The Purge.
  • In Official PVP, a pet on guard should attack players from any other clan if they wander too close to the area the pet is guarding during raid hours.
  • In Official PVE and PVE-C, a pet is considered a Player-owned object and, as such, cannot be attacked by and cannot attack other players.


Once an adult pet has been placed into the world, it can be tasked with following the Player. If chosen to be a follower, the pet will follow the Player around the map and should attack any enemy that attacks the Player or that the Player chooses to attack.

  • If multiple potential enemies are around the same area when the Player is battling one enemy, it is possible that the pet will automatically begin attacking other nearby enemies when the original enemy has been killed.
  • If multiple potential enemies are around the same area when the Player is battling one enemy, it is also possible that the pet will instead begin attacking other nearby enemies rather than the one that the Player is currently battling.
  • The Player should note that, if they have a pet follower and are playing with another player from a different Clan when a battle begins, it is possible that their pet may also automatically attack the other player and any follower that that player may have if they are in the area. Similarly, the Player may be the one attacked if the reverse is true.


Main article: Mount

Resource Gathering[]

  • Most pets have a carrying capacity of 10 inventory slots.
  • There are a few pets that have an increased carrying capacity which may make them useful when the Player must gather resources. Pets with 20 inventory slots include:


  • Pets can gain experience and level-up while following the Player. Regardless of whether the Player or the pet deals the final blow, both parties will receive the experience.
  • As the pet levels-up, their attributes (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Accuracy, and Survival) can change.
  • Once a pet levels up, the message, "Your follower leveled up" is displayed.
  • A pet will not gain experience when not following the Player.
  • The current maximum level a pet can reach is 20.


Main article: Follower Perks

  • A pet will receive a perk after reaching level 10, 15, and 20.
  • Perks will affect the attribute points of a pet in either a positive or negative way.


  • Pets do not require food to survive, however feeding a pet their preferred foods will give them an increased chance to specific attributes when they gain a level.
  • Only the first food eaten after a level up should affect the attribute percentage chances.
  • The pet's preferred foods will also temporarily increase its strength by 3.
  • Individual pet pages will each have a full list of that creature's preferred foods and their corresponding bonuses.
  • A Feed Box will distribute its inventory to nearby pets. It will also list each pet within its 50-meter radius[1].


  • Food may also be used to heal a pet when it takes damage and will automatically be consumed as needed if in their inventory.
  • The preferred food of each pet can heal the pet between 1 point of healing per second (top left food listed under their inventory) to 10 points of healing per second (bottom right food listed under their inventory).
  • Individual pet pages will each have a full list of that creature's preferred foods and their corresponding healing effects.

DLC Skins[]


  • Once the Player places a pet, it cannot be returned to their inventory.
  • Pets are part of the decay system and will disappear if the Player does not log in within a certain length of time.
  • Pets cannot wield any additional weapons and, with the exception of Mounts, will not be able to wear additional armor.
  • Animal nests do not supply baby animals or pet eggs.
  • Regular eggs do not produce baby animals.
  • Since a Feed Box lists each pet within its 50-meter radius, it can be helpful for some to find lost, hidden, or outdated pets.
  • Though some creatures did receive DLC skins, some evolutions of that creature may have been excluded such as:
    • Greater Rocknose
    • Greater Elephant
    • Mammoth
  • Some pets also have the ability to change to a DLC skin, but would, in actuality, be downgraded to a less powerful version of the animal[2]:
    • White Rhino changed to Rhino (Turanian)
    • Black Rhino changed to Rhino (Turanian)
    • Greater Rhino changed to Rhino (Turanian)
  • Snake pets will possibly be added in the future.[2]