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The Palace of the Witch Queen is a dungeon in Conan Exiles.[1] It is found when walking over the bridge inside The Celestial Plaza, in the Forgotten City of Xel-ha.


You enter this dungeon by walking up to the door, which will trigger a loading screen and transports you to inside the throne room. The throne room itself is lavishly decorated and visually appears to be a room inside a larger palace, but it is not possible to access any other areas. The iconography indicates worship of the God Dagon, which is confirmed by The Witch Queen herself.


Guardian Statues[]

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Before you can fight and kill The Witch Queen you must first defeat two Witch Queen Guardians, which will animate and attack. The second guardian seems to only animate after the first one has been defeated or if you have attacked the second one while fighting the first.

Beams of Light[]

Shortly after the first Guardian Statue is engaged, the room will start emitting beams of light, like lasers. These beams charge up and the paths that they will take are visible for several seconds before the beam is fired, meaning that you can dodge out of the way. If you are struck by one of these beams, it inflicts significant damage.

The Witch Queen[]

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If you survive the two guardian statues long enough, or if you kill the giants, The Witch Queen enters the fight. She is effectively a standard Fighter thrall, but with much higher health.

  • She is susceptible to staggering attacks / knockback as well as knockdown attacks.

Learnable Feats[]

After The Witch Queen has been defeated, interacting with the throne will teach you recipes for two sets of armor with additional weapons:


The Witch Queen has several lines of dialog herself.

Additionally, there are lorestones which will play recorded messages from The Witch Queen, revealing a lot of the lore of the game.

You are not alone. You are not less than them. You can be free. You do not have to believe their lies. I have left these stones for you, my lost and misguided children. I have subverted their sorceries so that only slaves of the bracelet can hear my message. I am the mother of your race. I am secret-bearer, god-killer, witch-queen. I will guide you, I will teach you and when the time is right, I will free you.
Perhaps you were born a slave, and you do not remember the fate that shaped us. We were a people of the sea, voyagers and traders. Our islands were warm and prosperous and we spent our days fishing and sailing. I was an apprentice to the Cult of Dagon. But then came the great cataclysm. The world shook and our islands exploded in fire and chaos, then slowly, they began to sink beneath the waves. The dark water came, lapping, unstoppable, inevitable. The ocean, once our ally, now claimed all that we were with an insatiable hunger. We gathered what boats and wreckage we could, and we fled, into the west.
To know the past, child, is to avoid the same mistakes in the future. When we fled from our sinking islands we made landfall on the eastern coast of this continent. There were a people there with whom we had traded from time to time. As we made landfall on their coastline, they took it as an act of aggression. Half-drowned, numbed by the loss of our homes – the wicked Khari took full advantage of our plight. We were rounded up, chained, and put to work. That was the first time that our people became slaves.
As masters, the Khari were relentless. For you, child, I do not need to detail the brutality of existence under the Khari. You live a similar existence today, under the yoke of your masters. Needless to say, there were those of us who lived beneath the Khari who were versed in lore that was alien to them. Our island civilization was far more advanced than theirs – if the war had been a fair one, we would have shattered them with our powers. As it was, some of us escaped. A remnant of a remnant, thousands strong, but all that remained of a mighty empire. We fled west, always into the west.
The trials of the journey were long and our people grew weary. We came to the shores of an inland sea and built boats and rafts to cross it. There were islands there – at least two of which had been inhabited before our coming. Some of our people chose to stay, hoping to recreate the seafaring life that we had enjoyed before the cataclysm. But the water had betrayed us once, so many of us continued westward – a remnant of a remnant of a remnant.
And so we came at last to this kingdom. It was a fertile land - rolling grasslands and temperate hills that gave way in the south to the dryness of a desert. In the north were mountains, but not the snow-covered mountains that we had seen on our journey, just jagged rocky peaks. And a swamp, thick and brooding, that lay over the eastern part of the region like a shadow. But it was clear that this land was inhabited. Carved blocks of mighty stone covered the landscape, and a crystal clear lake in the north was dammed and siphoned along a great aqueduct. And the city... such engineering was beyond humankind. I saw the great monuments, the statues brooding over the river and the towers that flamed unnaturally across the landscape... And I confess. I felt fear.
When we met the ones we call the Giant-kings, some of us fell to our knees in worship. Surely these were gods in living flesh, come to offer us respite at the end of our long journey. We could not speak their language, but our sorcerers and theirs came together and worked a powerful ritual. Enchanted gemstones enabled our communication. We forged bracelets to hold them – thus could our communion with the Giant-kings begin.
There were mistakes in this stumbling, fumbling relationship. Our allies had little contact with humans and our impatience as a people meant nothing to creatures with such long lives. To us, they were painstakingly slow to deliberate and make decisions, to them we were like children who rushed forward without thinking. Still, there was progress. They have agreed that we could settle the swampy lands on their eastern borders. For them the land had little value, but to those of us who remembered our seafaring roots, it gave us a chance to be close to the water once again. And, given time, we would be able to call upon Dagon once again.
In the beginning, our friendship with the Giant-kings bore great fruit. We traded with them – knowledge, food, baubles – and both peoples prospered. But the Giant-kings became alarmed, I suspect, at the rate at which we gave birth. Theirs was a people who took centuries to reach child-bearing age, and they remained few in number. Whereas we spread across our new lands and began to encroach upon theirs. In order to avoid this fate, I began sending scouting parties far to the north, outside of the borders of the Giant-kings kingdom. They were to find fertile land that would not encroach upon the territory of our hosts. Instead we discovered something dark.
Shall I speak, child, of the passage that our scouts found; leading into the very bowels of the earth? Dare I speak of the fantastic city that they found there? Broad squares with twisted temples to the blasphemous Elder Gods, that were before mankind, and will be, ever after? No, I need not speak of these things to strike true dread into your heart, child. I need only tell you of the creatures that dwelled in the city; beings that lived only in story, and the primal fears of the human heart. For beneath the earth, we discovered what remained of the serpent-men of Volushia.
We confronted the giant kings and the triumvirate with their darkest secrets. And they did not deny it. How could we trust them? Allied as they were with the ancient enemies of the mankind. I gave them an ultimatum; To give us the northern lands. To stay their hand while we exterminated the serpent-men. They refused. War... was inevitable.
In a war time, there is enough blame. Who struck the first blow? I cannot say. They enslaved you. Twisting the bracelets to their corrupted ways. We retaliated by destroying their aqueduct. We established an outpost - Xullan - in the north, to watch the serpent-men and prevent them from joining with their allies. And I began to formulate a powerful sorcery, to ensure the safety of our people.
The war continues, child. I cannot say when it will end. You may not remember us - You may not have been born among us; But I urge you to join us! Resist! Sabotage the giant kings and their works! We are coming for you.