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A sharp-edged, glassy stone. Not easily worked like iron or steel, obsidian can still be made into ridiculously brittle weapons.

Legend persists that obsidian weapons are very powerful against certain undead creatures, but serious scholars insist that this was a lie perpetuated by the troubadour Grey Rain Rant Martinous in his well-known Ballad of Flame and Snow.


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Obsidian is a near endgame crafting material, only found naturally within the caldera of the Volcano. It is unusable in the raw, but when combined with Steel in the Volcanic Forge, it can be used to create powerful weapons and high-tier harvesting tools.

Certain Obsidian nodes contain Goldstone, making this one of the two ways one can obtain raw gold naturally. The second is breeding Gold-vein Rocknose (Pet).


Used in the following Recipes Information.png
Volcanic Forge
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
10 Icon obsidian.png Obsidian
1 Icon steel bar.png Steel Bar
1 Icon obsidian bar.png Composite Obsidian 10 s 66


Obsidian Node 1.png