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Obelisks are large, black stones surrounded in purple fog that are found near points of interest around the world. When in proximity, this fog gives the player Corruption, which can only be cleansed with an Entertainer thrall.

An Obelisk surrounded in Corruption

There are 10 Obelisks, and a player may attune to it by pressing E when close. Once attuned, a player can use a Map Room to teleport to the obelisk.


Coordinates Teleport
Dagon's Eye N/6 TeleportPlayer 318137 119737
Upper Staging Area K/8 TeleportPlayer 187313 13168
The Sinkhole H/6 TeleportPlayer 23613 135794
Unnamed City, near The Archives D/6 TeleportPlayer -124458 112674
South of Shattered Springs C/8 TeleportPlayer -201650 52327
The Black Keep, between Ruins of Xullan and the Bridge of the Betrayer F/11 TeleportPlayer -69053 -118572
The Temple of Frost D/13 TeleportPlayer -121859 -215992
South West of Path of the Penitent G/14 TeleportPlayer -6594 -222801
The Dregs D/4 TeleportPlayer -141840 217330
Mounds of the Dead B/11 TeleportPlayer -238170 -101259