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Nunu the Cannibal is one of the Religion Trainers in Conan Exiles. He teaches you the first level of the Yog religion. He will also teach you the emote Cheer.


  • Nunu the Cannibal is immune to attacks, from both yourself and other enemies.
  • Nunu the Cannibal's Voice Actor is Neil Kaplan, who also voiced Bone Cleaver in Conan 2007 Video Game.


Nunu the Cannibal can be found at the following locations:


Notable Loot[]

Harvestable Loot

Limited Harvestable Loot

Full Loot List

  • Icon trophy antilope Antelope Head Trophy
  • Icon bone-1 Bone
  • Icon bone arrow Bone Arrow
  • Icon bone broth Bone Broth
  • Icon glove wolf Bone Claws
  • Icon bone shield-1 Bone Shield (Variant A)
  • Icon bread Bread
  • Icon claws Claws
  • Icon human flesh grilled Cooked Human Flesh
  • Icon trophy crocodile Crocodile Head Trophy
  • Icon papyrus scroll Dance Instructions (War Dance)
  • Icon yog cleaver Darfari Axe (Variant A)
  • Icon Flag Standing Darfari1 Darfari Banner (Variant A)
  • Icon Flag Standing Darfari2 Darfari Banner (Variant B)
  • Icon Flag Standing Darfari3 Darfari Banner (Variant C)
  • Icon Flag Standing Darfari4 Darfari Banner (Variant D)
  • Icon darfari bug soup Darfari Bug Soup
  • Icon club yog Darfari Cudgel (Variant A)
  • Icon darfari gauntlets Darfari Skin Bracers
  • Icon darfari chestpiece Darfari Skin Chestpiece
  • Icon darfari boots Darfari Skin Greaves
  • Icon darfari leggings Darfari Skin Skirt
  • Icon darfari mask 02 Darfari Speaker Mask
  • Icon darfari bone sword Darfari Sword (Variant A)
  • Icon darfari mask 01 Darfari Watcher Mask
  • Icon Wind Chime Darfari Wind Chimes
  • Icon trophy undead kappa Demonic Shaleback Head Trophy
  • Icon dried berries Dried Berries
  • Icon driedFish Dried Fish
  • Icon driedMeat Dried Meat
  • Icon darfari drums Drum (Variant B)
  • Icon treasure voodoodoll Effigy Doll
  • Icon raw tough meat Exotic Flesh
  • Icon fangs Fangs
  • Icon ostrich feather Feather
  • Icon raw stringy meat Feral Flesh
  • Icon trophy gazelle Gazelle Head Trophy
  • Icon grilled steak Grilled Steak
  • Icon gruel Gruel
  • Icon hide-1 Hide
  • Icon animal horn Horn (Variant A)
  • Icon human flesh Human Flesh
  • Icon trophy hyena Hyena Head Trophy
  • Icon Hide Hyena Hyena Pelt
  • Icon skull stick1 Impaled Skull (Variant A)
  • Icon skull stick5 Impaled Skull (Variant B)
  • Icon skull stick7 Impaled Skull (Variant C)
  • Icon trophy king rocknose King Rocknose Head Trophy
  • Icon trophy kudo Kudo Head Trophy
  • Icon scrawled note Language Dictionary (Black Kingdoms)
  • Icon darfari wind chimes Large Darfari Wind Chimes
  • Epic icon CorruptedMask Mask of the Witch Doctor
  • Icon papyrus scroll Prayer to Yog
  • Icon reptile hide-1 Reptile Hide
  • Icon trophy rocknose Rocknose Head Trophy
  • Icon healing basicwraps Rough Wraps
  • Icon salty berry snack Salted Berries
  • Icon meat-1 Savoury Flesh
  • Icon baby kappa shell Shaleback Hatchling Shell
  • Icon trophy kappa Shaleback Head Trophy
  • Icon trophy king kappa Shaleback King Head Trophy
  • Icon shredded meat roast Shredded Roast
  • Icon treasure shrunkenhead Shrunken Head
  • Icon repair kit plant fiber Simple Armor Repair Kit
  • Icon whetstone stone Simple Weapon Repair Kit
  • Icon Skull2 Skull of Yog
  • Icon cleaver primal Stone Cleaver
  • Icon skinning dagger stone Stone Skinning Knife
  • Icon Stuffed Crocodile Taxidermied Crocodile
  • Icon Stuffed Gazelle Taxidermied Gazelle
  • Icon Stuffed Hyena Taxidermied Hyena
  • Icon Stuffed Imp Taxidermied Imp
  • Icon Stuffed Komodo Taxidermied Komodo
  • Icon Stuffed Kudo Taxidermied Kudo
  • Icon Stuffed Ostrich Taxidermied Ostrich
  • Icon Stuffed Rocknose Taxidermied Rocknose
  • Icon Stuffed Shaleback Taxidermied Shaleback
  • Icon Stuffed Spider Taxidermied Spider
  • Icon thick hide-1 Thick Hide
  • Icon treasure toothednecklace Tooth Necklace
  • Icon trophy undead hyena Undead Hyena Head Trophy
  • Icon Warpaint Darfari Warpaint - Darfari Cannibals
  • Icon aloe extract weak Weak Aloe Extract
  • Icon skull Weathered Skull
  • Icon yog cudgel Yoggite Cudgel

  • Equipment[]

    The standard equipment of the NPC can also drop as loot:


    No results


    Bonus Recipes[]

    Through this thrall you get the following bonus recipes, if you use it in the appropriate workbench:

    Any Yog Altar[]



    Stay your hand, stranger. Come, look into the pit. The Lord of Empty Abodes awaits (there in). I am his shaman, Nunu. Your coming was revealed to me in a whispering of a bat's wings.
    Flesh sobbing, ebbing, throbbing.
    The fires await us all, Exile.
    You return. But have you brought the sacred flesh?
    Yog whispered of your return, friend.


    You are lost. Seeking guidance, yes? Sometimes, the whispers are silent. My lord grows distant. I weep alone in the desert. But there is a cure. The smoke of the lotus. It deafens the world so that the whisper of Yog becomes a roaring shout. And the visions - they reveal to me the will of Yog. If you need guidance, inhale the lotus. The path will become clear.
    The paths revealed to you by the lotus will not always be simple. Every opportunity is a test and every test requires strength and an indomitable will. You cannot simply wander into darkness and expect to conquer. You will need to prepare, build yourself up. And find the other lotus, they bloom in other places and have many colors. I have a feeling, my friend, that you are going to taste them all before you are through.
    My heart has a question. Do you know the Lord of Empty Abodes? He knows you, child, through the flesh of your kind. He hungers to know more. All flesh is knowledge. Every savory thought. Bring us knowledge of others. Yog is generous.
    We are exiled without conviction. Our crimes are of no moment. My crime was my belief. What matter the age of the flesh that my lord consumes? Does the Lord of Empty Abodes make a distinction between flesh in the womb and flesh outside of it? Now my tribe walks without a shaman. And I seek the pure flesh to feed my god.
    My lord whispers to me of this place. He walked here in ages past. Here there was a banquet of flesh for his pleasure. And kings called upon his wisdom. It is men who destroyed that age of abundance. Yog urges us to seek atonement. The flesh we bring is an atonement. A satiation of past sins.


    Listen to the whisperings. Yog knows you.
    Yogs hunger is eternal, wanderer.


    Flesh the dark rage, the blood cage.