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Let it be known that this is a confession, although I regret nothing.

I followed Xalthar's footsteps for years, and it brought me no closer to my goal. There is only so much a man can take before he breaks, and I did. Here - in this cave.

I longed for power but did not find it. I lusted for knowledge but did not gain it. But here, I found something else. Something I was able to attain. Worth.

Sobek came to me in my dreams. A demon - I thought. But he showed me the way to true happiness. True purpose. He shed his skin for me and proved he valued me. He promised me further rewards as well - and all I would have to do would be to gather followers.

And so I have. Soon we will be strong enough to wander into the north and follow Xalthar's footsteps once again. But this time it will not be out of loyalty.


In Xalthar's Refuge on a platform at the top of the path, near two loot chests.