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Natascha Röösli
Natascha Röösli
Real name Natascha Röösli
Occupation Community and PR Director (Influencer and Community Contact[1])
Twitter @Tascharoe
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Natascha Röösli is a Funcom employee.


My name is Natascha and I have been with Funcom for a tiny bit over a year now. As you might or might not know I am the Community Director, which means I am (now that we have and get more people, at least) mostly working behind the scenes and supporting the Community Team, both Community Managers and Community Supports as well as our different communities. I am also working closely with our live ops teams, making sure your concerns get considered and prioritized as much as possible.

I am originally from Switzerland, temporarily moved to Greece and then moved to Norway, where I currently live.

I have been in the industry for a long time (almost 20 years to be precise) and have seen both the development/production side as well as the community side. I’ve worked for several big MMOs in one way or another (Everquest, LOTRO, Darkfall Online) and have also been on the development side of smaller games as developer or producer.

Not to mention I’ve been an avid and dedicated gamer since my parents bought me a C64 and then a NES. A decision they quickly came to regret :wink:

I am a big fan of MMOs, RPGs and Horror Games and have played pretty much every possible MMO there is.

Since I don’t have as much time as I used to have (my commute each day is about 1.5 hours), I am currently sticking to games that I can jump into quickly and play for a few rounds. That’s not to say I also spend quite a bit of time with our own games, of course :smiley:

Besides my gaming addiction I also really enjoy working out to keep my live balanced. Gaming is for the brain and working out for the body. Gotta keep both in shape!