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Muriela the Artisan
Muriela the Artisan
ID: Dialogue_Muriela_the_Artisan
Temperament Passive
Location(s) Muriela's Hope
Religion Mitra


Muriela the Artisan is one of the Religion Trainers in Conan Exiles. She will also teach you the emote By Mitra.


Muriela the Artisan can be found at the following locations:


First Contact[]

Blessings of Mitra upon you, pilgrim.
Are you come to this land to seek atonement for the sins of your past life?
Perhaps not, no.
You have the haunted look of one who seeks dominion or escape, or both.
Those paths are dead ends, pilgrim. The path of Mitra is the one, true path.


Once, I was deaf to the words of the divine, pilgrim. Like you, I wandered aimless.
But Mitra chose me. Spoke to me. Offered me a purpose.
I did not understand the nature of the task I was chosen for. I still do not.
But that is faith, yes?

To invite perfection, is to create perfection. That is what I am building here.
A vessel for Mitra. A place for his divine essence to inhabit.
I do not know if I will succeed. The smallest flaw might have incredible consequences.
And so I work slowly. A hammer strike here, a chisel there.
What matter if the work consumes all the days of my life?

What do you know of Mitra, pilgrim?
He is perhaps a gentler, kinder god than those you have encountered in your homeland.
He abhors blood sacrifice and prefers simple, dignified rituals and the preservation of wisdom and knowledge.
In the old days, he was called the Defender, and he chose mortal champions to defend his chosen from the ancient demons.
Perhaps you are one such champion, simply waiting to be discovered.

There is great imbalance in this land.
Ancient wounds that have never healed and have been torn open anew.
These bracelets corrupt us, turning us into pawns of ancient evil.
I resist the voices. I unsee the ghosts when they appear.
But...I have a doubt.
Does the corruption infect my work?
Will it be Mitra who comes to this statue when it is complete, or something else entirely?

The last eyelid carved and then...
Can you feel it, pilgrim?
Mitra comes. My god shall walk.


Yes, pilgrim?


Walk with Mitra, pilgrim.


  • She is surrounded by Mitra worshipers that will engage you if attacked.