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Muriela's Hope
Muriela's Hope.jpg
Map Exiled Lands
Biome Desert
Coordinates -104,66
Type Camp
Map Icon T Map campIcon.png
Faction Exiles
Mini T Map campIcon.png


A group of passive Mitra worshippers led by a woman named Muriela the Artisan chose this location to start carving a giant statue of the god Mitra himself. She does not care if this work consumes all the days of her life. Everything has to be perfect, hence why progress is very slow.

By talking to Muriela exiles are able to learn the By Mitra emote and Acolyte of Mitra crafting recipe.

Surrounding the scaffolding lie two journal pages. One teaches a crafting recipe the other an emote.

Contains Archer, Fighter, Carpenter I

Notable NPCs[]


Specialist Cooking VII[]

On top of the scaffolding lies a journal. Press E and the recipe will be learned.

Acolyte of Mitra[]

Talk to Muriela


At the bottom of the scaffolding stairs lies a journal. Press E and the emote will be learned.

Talk to Muriela.


A torn diary page can be found on top of the scaffolding. Teaches Specialist Cooking VII.

This wretched heat! It spoils meat faster than a Shemite runs from battle! My search for the essence of pure flavor brought me here but I fear nothing can be learned from this scorching hell. What tid-bits I have managed to learn, I have written down at the back of this journal. Some more useful than others.
~ Torn diary page

One page of Ophirean's journal can be found at the bottom of the scaffolding stairs. Teaches Score.

I feel ill at ease here. I do not know what happened to the builders that began this project but I cannot imagine their fates being pleasant. Braga climbed the scaffolding and threw himself onto the back of an antelope which he killed with a brutal wrench of the neck. Tomorrow we will continue our journey west towards the ruins but tonight we feast like kings!
~ Ophirean Journal #6


  • This location contains a loot chest