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The Mummy of the Ring or the Servant of the Ring is referred to in several lore items through Conan Exiles but doesn't appear to actually be present in the game.

There is a journey step that involves defeating him, which isn't currently possible to complete.


Defeat the Mummy of the Ring

Icon exilesJourney dominate.png So it comes to this – Thoth Amon, lord of the Black Ring, is the one who imprisoned you in the Exiled Lands. He seeks the artefacts that you have gathered and he is sending his black servant to collect them. Destroy the Servant of the Ring, by any means necessary.

When you placed the artefacts in the vessel, the Servant of the Ring was summoned to take them. You must defeat it!

You have destroyed the servant of Thoth Amon and recovered the essence of the Serpent Ring of Set from its body. You now have a single final act to perform to remove your bracelet and leave the Exiled Lands forever.


  • ID: wildlife_storyboss
  • The journey step can be completed using Admin Commands to spawn the Mummy of the Ring with the above ID, defeating and obtaining the Essence of the Serpent Ring.

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