Mounds of the Dead is the capital settlement of the Cimmerian faction. It comprises a number of mini settlements on linked plateaus, situated near a number of barrows full of undead.

Contains Archer I, Archer II, Fighter I, Fighter II, Fighter III

May contain Archer, Fighter, Armorer, Bearer, Carpenter, Cook, Entertainer, Priest, Smelter, Tanner, Taskmaster I-III

Notable NPCs


  • Specialist Cooking III can be found here. It is located on the ground, just inside the entrance of the Eastern mound.
  • Specialist Cooking IV can be found here. It is located on a bench, just inside the entrance of the Western mound.
  • Ghosts outside one of the mounds indicate the location of a book (on the ground) that teaches the Chicken Emote.
  • There are several loot chests in the area, inside the various mounds.
  • A Confession can be found outside the NE mound.
  • This is the only place where to find the Specter Coating as a random drop.
  • In the SE mound is Thorgar the Blacksmith who sells the Scroll (Pride of Aesir).


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