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Mitraen Shoes
Mitraen Shoes
A simple pair of shoes
Type Armor
Base Bonus Information.png +1 Grit
Grade Hallowed
Armor Type Light
Base Armor Information.png 9
Base Heat Isolation Information.png 2
Base Cold Isolation Information.png 1
Base Durability Information.png 330
Base Weight Information.png 1.42
ID 52525
Priest of Mitra
Priest of Mitra
Level 20 Cost 5
Icon t1 altar of mitra.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon t2 altar of mitra.png Upgrade to Sanctuary
A sanctuary dedicated to the worship of Mitra
Crafted at Shrine of Mitra
Icon mitrean tunic.png Mitraen Tunic
A simple tunic
Crafted at Sanctuary of Mitra
Icon mitrean trousers.png Mitraen Breeches
A simple pair of breeches
Crafted at Sanctuary of Mitra
Icon mitra fountain statue.png Statue of Refreshment
A statue in the image of Mitra that pours forth water
Crafted at Sanctuary of Mitra
Icon mitrean gloves.png Mitraen Gloves
A simple pair of gloves
Crafted at Sanctuary of Mitra
Icon mitrean shoes.png Mitraen Shoes
A simple pair of shoes
Crafted at Sanctuary of Mitra


Followers of Mitra commit to a life of simplicty and dignity. They prefer knowledge to ritual and the calm of meditation to the storm of battle. These shoes reflects the simple principles of the Mitraen devout.


Created from the following Recipes Information.png
Sanctuary of Mitra, Temple of Mitra
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon armorpadding light.png Light Padding
5 Icon lingering essence.png Lingering Essence
1 Icon mitrean shoes.png Mitraen Shoes
1 Icon religion token.png Manifestation of Zeal
10 s 516

Armor Set[]

This piece of equipment is part of the following armor set:


T tooltip warmIcon.png 8 Heat resistance, T tooltip coldIcon.png 4 Cold resistance, +4 Grit


Repairing Mitraen Shoes requires up to: