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ID: Dialogue_Mek-kamoses
Temperament Passive
Race Stygian
Location(s) Mek-kamoses's Spire
Religion Set


Mek-kamoses is one of the Religion Trainers in Conan Exiles. He will also teach you the emote By Set.


Mek-kamoses can be found at the following locations:


First Contact[]

No closer, Exile, lest I blast your feeble skin from your bones!
I am Mek-kamoses, of the Black Ring. In another place and time, I would command your obeisance, but for now I would speak of matters that are of mutual interest.


You have the look of the lost, stranger. Abandoned, exiled and adrift in purpose.
You need to forge a purpose for yourself in this place. These bracelets we wear sap at our will, suppress our true powers. They are designed to make us meek and pliable.
Do not allow your thoughts to be trapped. Resist it!

I was a sorcerer of the Black Ring, before my exile.
But I opposed the rise of a sorcerer called Thoth Amon. He was powerful and ambitious, made doubly so by an artefact called the Serpent Ring of Set.
He was also...political, forging alliances with King Cstephon of Stygia. I found myself swept aside for my opposition.
Perhaps you think it was foolish of him to let me live? This bracelet suppresses my sorcerous abilities.
I am thoroughly trapped.

It is somewhere here in these lands that Thoth Amon discovered his Serpent Ring of Set.
I only glimpsed the ring once, but there is a similarity between the patterning of the bracelets we wear and the ring.
It follows that the Giant-kings who ruled this place created other such artefacts.
That is the purpose to which I have dedicated myself. I will scour this land in search of the artefact that will restore my sorcery.
And then there shall be a reckoning such as Thoth Amon has never imagined!

Many mistakenly believe that sorcery comes from some innate power.
It is true, that the more corrupted the soul, the more kinship one will find in the creatures of the Outer Void.
But the power to summon comes from knowledge, and that knowledge can be taught.
If you find a way to restore my sorcery, stranger, I will teach you the words written in the Book of Skelos.
I will provide you with access to a power that you have never known before.
Together, we will raise an army and march forth to take our vengeance!


one of:

What have you to say, Exile?
Yes, wanderer?
What is it?


one of:

Return when you have something of value to share.
Do not expect me to be here forever.
Do not let the sands swallow you.

Greeting (Head Only)[]

Greetings, Exile.
I've been expecting you.

Talk (Head Only)[]

The loss of a body is a small matter for one who commands the obeisance of many other bodies. By and by, I shall bide my time, and by my so potent art, make myself whole again.

Goodbye (Head Only)[]

We'll meet again. I have foreseen it.