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Many Lemurians escaped to the eastern coast of the Thurian Continent, which was comparatively untouched. There they were enslaved by the ancient race which already dwelt there, and their history, for thousands of years, is a history of brutal servitude.
~ The Hyborian Age

This mask was used by the Witch Queens of Lemuria to communicate with their primary deity, Dagon, before their kingdom sank into the ocean during the cataclysm.

When the Lemurians crossed into the land of the Giant-kings, they negotiated for somewhere to settle. The Witch Queen, weary of the forced exile of her people, helped the Giant-kings to forge the bracelets, originally to facilitate communication between the two races.

Later, this mask possessed the exile Razma, controlling her thoughts and forcing her to start rebuilding the palace at the heart of Xel-ha. This is one of the artefacts required to create the keystone that can be used to remove the slave bracelet.


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