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Mandibles of Atlach-Nacha
Mandibles of Atlach-Nacha
Arrows made from the mandibles of a giant spider
Type Projectile
Grade High
Weapon Type Ammunition
Max Stack 100
Base Damage Information.png 5
Base Armor Penetration Information.png 50.0%
Base Weight Information.png 0.10
ID 51216


Better if steel and bowstring prevail without further aid from the arts, for the constant use of mighty spells sometimes sets forces in motion that might rock the universe.
~ The Hour of the Dragon

A well-made arrow can be the difference between a hit and a miss.

Arrows can be equipped by dragging them over the bow in the inventory.


Dropped by Emissary Atlach-Nacha, 100% and usually between 40-80 units each time. These arrows can also drop from the Spider of Leng.